16GB USB Memory stick with Live Ubuntu HF Noise monitoring System software. (Live with persistence)

16GB USB Memory stick with Live Ubuntu HF Noise monitoring System software. (Live with persistence)
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16GB USB Memory stick with Live Ubuntu 16.04 HF Noise monitoring system.

Screenshot of Noise monitoring system

How dose the HF Noise Monitoring system work

  • The HF noise monitoring system takes a 1Mhz bandwidth samples every 2 minutes using the rtl_power utility and save the measurements in a CVS fie.
  • The 2 minute scheduling is done with a Crontab calling a script in the hf_noise directory.
  • The RF Samples is taken at a 1Mhz bandwidth from 1M to 30Mhz therefore 29 of  the CVS files is created and gets appended as the measurements is made.
  • A Perl script utility is the executed from a cron scedular  to read the 29 CSV files and import there data into a RRD database.
  • The RRD database then gets interrogated by another Perl script scheduled by a cronjob to generate the graph Images and and html files and get saved in the Apache web server graph directory witch is the exposed on http://localhost/hf_noise/graph/1Mhz_Power.php
  • Link to Live system 
  • The RRD database will then create the Hourly, Daily,Weekly,Monthly and Yearly averages and   then generates the graphs every 2 minutes according to the parameters passed to Database.
  • The generated graphs is then displayed in a php page via a Apache web server with an php plugin on the following url http://localhost/hf_noise/graph/1Mhz_Power.php.
  • Trends can then be seen on a graphs over time.
  • The heat map is generated by a python script from different CSV files and is saved in the /var/www/hf_noise/images directory and can be accessed on the local web server on the following url http://localhost/hf_noise/images
  • Link to live system

List of Software on Memeory Stick

  • Noise montoring system with added software below
    1) APRX  AFSK and APRS encoding decoding command line utility
    2) CW a CW generator
    3) CWCP A Morse code tutor
    4) Direwolf  this is a Beacon and telemetry generator and digipeater
    5) Chirp a VHF / UHF radto programmer
    6) FLdigi Digital mode application
    7) Gpredict   Satellite tracking software
    8) gqrx-sdr   SDR software
    9) Grig Cat radio Controle
    10) mutimon afsk decoder
    11) Qtel echolink aplication
    12) svxlink-server (echolink server)
    13) wsjtx wisper application
    14) xastr APRS mapping software

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