Tiny Spectrum Analyzer Ultra 4" Display 100kHz To 5.3GHz With 32GB Card Version V0.4.5.1

Tiny Spectrum Analyzer Ultra 4" Display 100kHz To 5.3GHz With 32GB Card Version V0.4.5.1
Tiny Spectrum Analyzer Ultra 4" Display 100kHz To 5.3GHz With 32GB Card Version V0.4.5.1 Tiny Spectrum Analyzer Ultra 4" Display 100kHz To 5.3GHz With 32GB Card Version V0.4.5.1
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Tiny Spectrum Analyzer Ultra 4" Display 100kHz To 5.3GHz With 32GB Card

Important info on the tinySA Ultra

The tinySA wiki is slowly being updated with info regarding the tinySA Ultra. The names tinySA4 and tinySA Ultra refer to the same device.

The tinySA are a small spectrum analyzers and signal generators with some nice capabilities:

tinySA Ultra:

  • Screen size 4 inch
  • Spectrum Analyzer for 0.1-800MHz or, with Ultra mode enabled, level calibrated up to 6GHz. Can observe signals up to 12GHz
  • Signal Generator with sine wave output between 0.1-800MHz or square wave up to 4.4GHz or rf test signal output up to 5.3GHz when not used as Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Switchable resolution bandpass filters from 200Hz to 850kHz
  • Built-in 20dB optional LNA
  • Color display showing max 450 points providing gapless covering up to the full frequency range.
  • MicroSD card slot for storing measurements, settings and screen captures.


  • Input Step attenuator from 0dB to 31dB (can not be used in combination with LNA).
  • A built-in calibration signal generator that is used for automatic self test and (low) input calibration.
  • Connected to a PC via USB it becomes a PC controlled Spectrum Analyzer or Signal Generator
  • Rechargeable battery allowing a minimum of 2 hours of portable use
  • Max input level +10dBm. Do not destroy your tinySA
  • The generator function can not be used as a tracking generator as you can not use the spectrum analyzer and generator functions at the same time.
  • Due to the low cost and very small form factor there are certain relevant  tinySA Ultra limitations

Parameter - Specification

  • Display size:  4” TFT LCD (480×320)
  • Max low input frequency:  800MHz, 6GHz in Ultra mode
  • Resolution filters in 1,3,10 steps:  from 200Hz to 850kHz
  • Max output frequency:  Sinus up to 800MHz, Square wave up to 4.4GHz
  • output level:  -104dBm to -16dBm
  • Ultra mode:  Level calibrated up to 5.3GHz
  • Internal LNA gain:  20dB up to 4GHz
  • Displayed points per scan:  max 450
  • 0-350MHz scan time:  165ms
  • Shortest zero span time:  17ms
  • DANL at 100MHz:  -153dBm/Hz (LNA Off) / -169dBm/Hz (LNA On)
  • DANL degrading in ultra mode:  10dB above 2.5GHz, 25dB above 5.3GHz
  • Phase noise at 10kHz offset:  -92dBc/Hz
  • Phase noise at 100kHz offset:  -110dBc/Hz
  • Input 1dB compression level:  +0.5dBm (LNA Off) / -26.5dBm (LNA On)
  • IIP3 without LNA:  +18dBm (at least 2MHz apart) / 0dBm (500Hz apart)
  • IIP3 with LNA:  -8dBm (at least 2MHz apart)
  • Frequency stability:  <1ppm ( -10℃ ~ +55℃)
  • SD card slot:  micro SD card
  • Audio out:  3.5mm headphone plug
  • FW update mode activation:  Push jog button before switch on
  • Maximum current consumption:  330mA
  • Maximum charging current:  1300mA
  • Battery:  Li-polymer 3.7V 3000mAh
  • RF connectors:  SMA female
  • Communication Interface:  USB-CDC(Type-C),UART-TTL(2.54mm Connector)
  • Appearance Size:  117x72x23mm (Excluding protruding parts)


Introduction and other videos

A short introduction video to the tinySA Ultra can be found here.


For those that prefer to read a document instead of browsing a wiki, there are two options.
Kurt Poulson was so kind to write an extensive document explaining various aspects of the tinySA for a Danish Amatuer Radio magazine. The English version can be found here. Kurt describes the operation of the signal generator and spectrum analyzer functions and explains how to update the FW. The document contains many screen captures of example measurements.

Legal stuff:

The names tinySA and tinySA Ultra along with the tinySA logo are registered trademarks owned by us. Nobody else is allowed to use the name tinySA or tinySA Ultra for any spectrum analyzer product, without written permission.


The tinySA FW is based on the NanoVNA FW created by edy555

Package includes:

  • Host (with 3000mAh battery, 4"display) x 1
  • USB Type-C data cable x1
  • 30cm ALSR100 SMA cables x2
  • SMA-SMA barrel connector x1
  • Antenna with SMA connector x1
  • Lanyard and touch plectrum x1
  • 32GB MicroSD card(plugged in the host) x1

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