R1-2020 ASL-Echolink-zello-YY Voice Radio Interface USB Sound Card SSTV PSK31 AllStar Link Controller

R1-2020 ASL-Echolink-zello-YY Voice Radio Interface USB Sound Card SSTV PSK31 AllStar Link Controller
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Latest R1-2020 ASL-Echolink-zello-YY Voice Radio Interface Board USB Sound Card Version SSTV PSK31 AllStar Link Controller.

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Product Description


  • Built-in USB sound card chip, with high-quality audio input and output.

Built-in USB serial chip. E.g. launch control using RTS, receive control using DSR. (ECHOLINK User)

  • The built-in audio detection chip controls the radio's PTT button and outputs the sound to the speakers by the radio-compute-controller. (ZELLO User)
  • The control-software forwards the input-voice of the microphone with the detection of the SQL radio signal from the USB chip(ZELLO User)
  • The USB-Radio Interface is compatible for AllstarLink. GPIO Detect COS and CTCSS input . GPIO outputs and control the PTT (ASL soundcard function).
  • The user’s computer will not get Power/RF interference noise from the power supply from radio because the R1 has the optocouplers and the isolating transformer.
  • R1 introduce the of electric conductor or circuit (inductance) to isolate Power/RF interference and high-frequency radiation.
  • Full Metal case, shields all other interference.
  • Industrial design with standard production process.
  • LED status indicators.

Control Principle:
In general,anyu Internet voice chat software can be interfaced via this R1-2020 controller to a Tracever.This R1-202 controler can detect the audio input from the computer and then will activate the radio PTT, hence the audio will transmitted and PTT will be automatically activated.The recever Radio will send its audio to the external speacker audio and that will be connected to the R1-2020 interface that can detects the SQL signal through the USB control network, the voice chat software will forward to the audio to the radio. In this way. This R1-2020 interface is ideel for Echolink, Zello,AllStar, Skype and can also be usd for any of the digital modes like PSK , FT8, JS8, JS8Call,APRS..

Controller Applications:
By getting the radio link to the network, you can set up radio links or relay links and extend the range radio transceiver or repeater, therefor global radio link is achieved.

Supported Software:
AllstarLink, ECHOLINK, ZELLO, SSTV, psk31, SKYPE, QT, YY and other chat intercom and data transfer software.

Notes: There are some software that do not support the USB iterface and control detection, thus at this time, while on the computer microphone input, we can use the software VOX function, or use the keyboard conversion software to trigger them.

Link to manual

Link to manual

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