5-10W USDX USDR HF QRP SDR Transceiver SSB/CW Transceiver 8-Band DSP SDR

5-10W USDX USDR HF QRP SDR Transceiver SSB/CW Transceiver 8-Band DSP SDR
5-10W USDX USDR HF QRP SDR Transceiver SSB/CW Transceiver 8-Band DSP SDR 5-10W USDX USDR HF QRP SDR Transceiver SSB/CW Transceiver 8-Band DSP SDR
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5-10W USDX USDR HF QRP SDR Transceiver SSB/CW Transceiver 8-Band DSP SDR + Microphone +Battery + Charger


This QRP SSB/CW shortwave transceiver has a 1602 screen, built-in battery, a charger, built-in microphone and speaker. It can be connected to automatic buttons. It can also do CW decoding.


1. Using durable IRF series transmitting tube
2. Can be used to connect to an antenna (instrument base)
3. Aluminum laser shell marking, all aluminum buttons, with translucent silicone buttons
4. The original qcx circuit is greatly simplified, and the installed components are reduced by 50%. No complicated transformer windings. No wiring procedures. The most cost-effective and easy to construct

Function List:

  • Eer e-level drives the ssb transmitting stage
  • 13.8v power supply about 10w ssb pep output
  • Support full modes: usb, lsb, cw, am and fm-dsp
  • Filter: 4000, 2500, 1700, 500, 200, 100, 50hz passband
  • DSP function: automatic gain control (agc), noise reduction (nr), voice trigger, voice trigger xmit, attenuator rx (att), tx noise gate, tx drive control, volume control, and dbm/s-meter
  • Ssb reverse sideband/carrier suppression transmission: better than -45dbc, imd3 (dual tone) -33dbc; reception: better than -50dbc
  • Support multi-band. Continuously adjustable in the 160m-10m frequency range (loss of 20khz performance)..99mhz
  • Open source firmware, built in ide; allows experimentation, can add new functions, can share contributions through github, software complexity: 2000 lines of code
  • V-based software can be used for fast and complete rogue operations (qsk and semi-qsk), or auxiliary execution in digital mode (without cat or ptt interface) for rx/tx switch, with tx/pa delay control external ptt output -Simple installation and modification, 8 component changes and 8 lines
  • Lightweight, low-cost transceiver: Thanks to the eer electronic liquid level transmitter, it has high power efficiency (no need for a huge heat sink) and simple design (no need for complex balanced linear power amplifiers)
  • SSB transmitter phase is completely based on digital and software: control the phase of the si5351 PLL (through small i2c frequency changes over 800kbit/s) and the amplitude of the PA (through pwm to pwm) to test the microphone input and reconstruct the SSB signal. Key shaping circuit PA)
  • All-digital and software-based SDR receiver stage (optional): I/Q signal (complex) is sampled from the quadrature sampling detector digital mixer, and perform 90 degree phase shift (Hilber transform) software in it and delete sidebands by adding
  • Three switchable analog controllers independent of the front receiver
  • 0db, -13db, -20db, -33db, -53db, -60db, and -73db
  • Mds receiver noise level: -135dbm (200hz bw) at 28mhz
  • Pre-receiver selectivity: steep frequency adjustment -45db/ ten times roll-off +/- 2khz
  • Blocking dynamic range: 20khz offset 123db, 2khz offset 78db
  • CW decoder, direct/iambic-a/b keying-Vfo a/b + rit and frequency division, and switch the corresponding relay with filter through i2c-Cat support (TS480 subset), which can be streamed through CAT transmission of audio, keystrokes and display text

Interface Introduction:

  • Charging: Built-in lithium battery charging port, only use the included charger! It is forbidden to use chargers by other producers
  • Switch: off. Bat: built-in battery power supply. 13.8: external power supply
  • DC13.8v/3a: External power interface
  • Key: Automatic key body connection (a, b, single key)
  • Pa: external power amplifier, ptt signal
  • Mic: External microphone interface
  • Uart: Serial communication (TS-480 compatible command)
  • Spk: external speakers

Package Included:

  • 1 x Transceiver
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Microphone

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