Digital RF Power Meter 1MHz-10GHz RF Signal Measuring Meter

Digital RF Power Meter 1MHz-10GHz RF Signal Measuring Meter
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Digital RF Power Meter 1MHz-10GHz RF Signal Measuring Meter Module RF power attenuation value can be set -50 to 0dBm

RF power meter, the instrument is operated by buttons.
1. Simple structure, convenient use, stable performance, reliability, high sensitivity and fast measuring speed.
2. The application:
● RF power measurement;
● Instrument calibration
3. The technical parameter table:
No. Item Parameter Unit Remarks
  • Measuring power range -50~+0 dBm (external RF attenuator can be extended to 100dBm)
  • Measurement power resolution 0.1 dBm
  • Measurement frequency range 1~10000MHz
  • Measuring power 1nW ~ 1mW
  • Working voltage 7~12 VDC
  • Operating current <50 mA
  • Working temperature -40 ° C ~ 65 ° C Celsius
  • Storage temperature -40 ° C ~ 65 ° C Celsius
  • Size 55*45*10 mm Length X Width X Height
4. The interface display and operation instructions:
  • Description of unit: dBm;
  • Button description: FUN: function key; MODE: setting interface; SEL: self-adding key or self-decreasing key;

5. Display measurement data

  •  Interface display font:
  • The first line "RF-POW -51.2 dBm"
  • The second line "610uV 7nW"
  • Note: The signal dBm value, input voltage value, and input power are displayed separately.
  • 4.2. Setting the RF power attenuation value
  • Interface display font:
  • The first line "RF Attenuator"
  • The second line "SUB 000dB"
Key operation:
FUN: Function key; (Selecting plus or minus direction) Display SUB is subtracted, and ADD is added. (Long press FUN to save the set dB value)
SEL: self-add key or self-decrement key;
Note: Connect different RF power attenuators and set the corresponding attenuation coefficient to read the correct power parameters.
Five, wiring
P1 wiring definition:
No. Symbol Meaning
1 VDD module power supply positive (7V~12V)
2 GND power supply of the module
P2 wiring definition:
No. Symbol Meaning
1 FX not used
2 RF RF signal input
3 GND power supply negative
First, dB is a pure count unit: for power, dB = 10*lg(A/B). For voltage or current, dB = 20*lg(A/B). The meaning of dB is simply too simple. It is a brief representation of a large number (followed by a long string of 0) or a small number (with a long string of 0 in front). Such as:
X=1000000000000000 (Total 15 0)
Can be expressed as: 10lgX=150dB
Can be expressed as: 10lgX=-150 dB
dBm defines miliwatt (milliwatts). 0 dBm=1mw;
dBw defines watt. 0 dBW = 10lg1 W = 10lg1000 mw = 30 dBm.
dB always defines the power unit by default, in 10lg. Of course, in some cases, the signal strength (Amplitude) can be used to describe the power and power, which is measured by 20 lg. This is true both in the control field and in the signal processing field. For example, sometimes you can see the expression of dBmV.
Package Contents
1 XIntelligent Digital RF Power Meter 1MHz to 10GHz -50 to 0dBm RF Signal Measuring Meter Module

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