UPS Power Module Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B/3B+(Plus)

UPS Power Module Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B/3B+(Plus)
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UPS Power Module Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B/3B+(Plus)


This is an uninterruptible power supply for the Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B.
It provides enough power for the Raspberry Pi to make your Raspberry Pi still work while moving, and its design is so smart that you can get rid of troubled of a mass wire.
This UPS can provide you with the operation of replacing the battery yourself.
It can use most of the 18650 standard batteries and fully comply with the battery characteristics in terms of battery life.
In addition, the power display provided on the circuit board is also very user-friendly.
The illuminated LED light can quickly show the remain power and support the discharging while charging.
You can directly connect to the external power supply for charging.
At the same time, the Raspberry Pi will not be turned off.


  •  LED remaining battery prompt
  •  Replaceable battery solution
  •  Support Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+
  •  4.85v/1.7A ≈ 8.25W output capability
  •  Extended Two USBA port power output
  •  Output overcurrent protection
  •  Thimble output, to avoid occupying GPIO-
  •  Tap to boot, long press to shut down
  •  Support the charge and discharge power display
  •  The battery holder can be quickly replaced
  •  Synchronous switch charge and discharge
  •  2.4A synchronous boost conversion, 2.1A synchronous switch charging
  •  Built-in power path management, support side-loading
  •  Support load high current line compensation function
  •  Adaptive charge current regulation to match all adapters
  •  Charging voltage accuracy: ±0.5%
  •  Support LED power display
  •  Button boot
  •  Automatically detect phone insertion and removal
  •  Low power consumption
  •  Intelligent identification of load, automatic standby
  •  Standby power consumption is less than 100 μA
  •  Multiple protection, high reliability
  •  Output overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit protection
  •  Input overvoltage, overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent discharge protection
  •  Machine over temperature protection
  •  ESD 4KV, instantaneous withstand voltage 12V


Please strictly refer to the instructions for the UPS  product. If the battery polarity is reversed, it will directly burn the power management chip of the device and even cause fire or personal injury.

The RPI mainboard is not included.

Package included:
1* UPS for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B
4* M2.5* copper stick
4* M2.5 screws
4* M2.5* long copper stick
4* M2.5 nuts
1* Acrylic shield
1* Instructions

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