2.4GHz Microstrip band-pass filter (BPF)

2.4GHz Microstrip band-pass filter (BPF)
2.4GHz Microstrip band-pass filter (BPF)
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2.4GHZ microstrip bandpass filter (BPF)

Description :

The band-pass filter to filter out noise signal 2.3-2.5GHZ outside , this can improve the signal to noise ratio . Prior to amplification , such as WIFI, ZIGBEE, Bluetooth signals to add this filter to filter out the clutter signals, and then into the low-noise signal amplifier for signal amplification , so that it is possible to greatly improve the reliability of signal transmission , it is possible to increase the communication distance.

Parameters index:

  1. S21> -3.6dB;
  2. S11 <-15dB;
  3. S22 <-13dB;
  4. the test results.

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