RF Power Meter 1-500Mhz -80 to 10 dBm 0.1 dBm resolution with 1602 lcd display (assembled)

RF Power Meter 1-500Mhz -80 to 10 dBm 0.1 dBm resolution with 1602 lcd display (assembled)
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RF Power Meter 1-500Mhz -80 to 10 dBm 0.1 dBm resolution with 1602 lcd display (assembled)


The HP350 is a RF power meter is based on continuous compression technology fully monolithic 500 MHz demodulating logarithmic amplifier.

The logarithmic amplifier provides 92 dB dynamic range, even at frequencies up to 100 MHz can still provide error less than ± l dB dynamic range of 88 dB.

The meter buttons is used to complete the operation


  • Simple structure.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stable performance.
  • Reliable.
  • High sensitivity and measurement speed and so on.


RF power measurement;

Meter calibration Technical Data Sheet:

  • Measuring power range: -80 ~ +10 dBm (external RF attenuator can be extended to 100dBm)
  • Measuring Power Resolution: 0.1 dBm
  • Measurement frequency range: 1 ~ 500 MHz
  • Measuring power: 1nW ~ 2W
  • Voltage: 7 ~ 12 VDC
  • Working current: <50 mA
  • Working temperature: -40 °C ~ 65 °C
  • Storage temperature: -40 °C ~ 65 °C
  • Size: 55mm * 45mm * 10 mm

Interface display and operating instructions:

Unit Description: dBm;

Key Description:

  1. FUN: function keys;
  2. MODE: set changer interface;
  3. SEL: Self plus key or self minus key ;

Display measurement data

Interface display font:

  • The first line "RF-POW -80.3 dBm"
  • The second line "20uV 0nW"
  • Note: the dBm value signal are shown, input voltage, the input power.
  • Set the RF power attenuation values
  • Interface display font:
  • The first line "RF Attenuator"
  • The second line "SUB 000dB"

Key operation:

  • FUN: function keys; (select plus or minus direction) as shown SUB Subtract, shows ADD a plus. (Long press FUN key to save the setting values in dB)
  • SEL: Self plus key or minus key to Self;

Note: External different RF power attenuator, set the corresponding attenuation coefficient reads the correct power parameters.


  • P1 connection definition:
  • VDD :power supply positive (7V ~ 12V)
  • GND: power supply negative
  • P2 connection definition:
  • FX :Unused
  • RF:RF signal input 
  • GND: electronic scales power supply negative 

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