QRP manual Antenna Tuner 1 - 30 Mhz (KIT)

QRP manual Antenna Tuner 1 - 30 Mhz (KIT)
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QRP manual Antenna Tuner 1 - 30 Mhz (KIT)


This Kit is ideal for QRP operators that need to have a manual Anttena Tuning unit.
Please note this kit require soldering and mounting holes need to be drilled from template.

Please note the Variable capacitor screws might be too long and need to be shortened before assembling.


  • Withstand Power : <20 W
  • Input power(Turning): <3 W
  • LED display
  • Interface: Q9 type (BNC FM)
  • Operating Frequency: 1-30 MHz
  • Antenna Interface: Q9 type (BNC FM)
  • Impedance range: about: 30 ~ 300 Ω
  • Withstand RF power: < 15 W
  • RF power required(Tuning) : < 3 W

The Manual Antenna Tuner can tune to the original non-resonant antenna by adding the appropriate inductance or capacitance so that the radio can work properly. The original resonant antenna, the antenna has changed due to outside influences, the SWR can be amended. Can be used as a band-pass filter, the emission can reduce unnecessary radiation outside the band, the cross-modulation and interference-band receiver can be reduced again.

The Manual Antenna Tuner kit comes with the standing wave directions, using a T-type topology network, shortwave 1-30MHz, can withstand the transmit power of 15W, the tuning range of approximately 40-300 ohms, can be very convenient for QRP communication, to ensure high efficiency radio transceiver in communication, but also allows you to fully enjoy the fun of DIY.

This kit includes the original as follows:

  • A waterproof sealed box
  • Stickers (used to determine the position of the transfer hole) 1
  • Q9 Block (lug) 2
  • Ordinary wire segment
  • Variable capacitor 2
  • 2 small knob
  • 0.25 countersunk head screws (for fixed variable capacitor) 4
  • The 0.25 head screws 2
  • 0.3 gasket 4
  • 0.3 nut 2
  • Multi-knife switch (12 stalls) a
  • A large knob
  • T106-2 the toroid (red) 1
  • 0.5 enameled wire, Section 1,
  • A circuit board (standing wave indicator)
  • A stall switch
  • The red light emitting diode 1
  • 51 ohm 2W resistor 3
  • FT37-43 toroid (Black) 1
  • 1K resistor (light-emitting diode current limit) a
  • 1N60 1
  • 0.1u capacitor 1

Assembly Instruction manuals.




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