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40m QRP CW Transceiver 7.023 MHZ 12V/3W 9V/2W (Assembled)
40m QRP CW radio transceiver 7.023 MHZ 12V/3W 9V/2W Version 3 Assembled 9-14V  Feat..
Ex Tax: R522.00
Arduino DDS Shield interface for AD9850 DDS Module (Kit)  (WSPR or QRSS Beacon) (includes the AD9850 )
The m0xpd Arduino DDS shield provides a convenient interface between an AD9850 DDS module and an Ard..
Ex Tax: R827.00
QRP manual Antenna Tuner 1 - 30 Mhz (KIT)
QRP manual Antenna Tuner 1 - 30 Mhz (KIT) Features This Kit is ideal for QRP operators tha..
Ex Tax: R300.00
Raspberry Pi 2m Band,Transmitter with two Low pass filters. (rpitx) 32.7mW  (15.1dBm) Kit
Raspberry, Pi, 2m, band, Transmitter, Low, pass, filters, rpitx, estimated Power, 32.7mW  ,15.1..
Ex Tax: R278.00
WSPR,FM, and RF signal generator for Raspberry Pi - Breakout board (KIT)
WSPR,SSTV and Rf signal generator for Raspberry,  a Raspbery Pi Breakout board (KIT) Link..
Ex Tax: R335.00
Arduino Sudden TX Shield G-QRP 2W (WSPR)
Arduino Sudden TX Shield G-QRP 2W (WSPR) (Here is a link to the Arduino DDS comanion kit) Please ..
Ex Tax: R938.00
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