Live WebSDR

Sometimes it is a good idea to use Private mode in Firefox Browser or Incognito mode in Chrome Browser to open the websdr as it allow more memeory to the browser and it works better.

  1. HF 0 -30 KiwiSDR link to live 0 -30Mhz HF web SDR (Disabled new system will be avalable soon)
  2. 70cm 2m SDR Link to SDR
  3. QO100 Satellite Narrow Band Recever  Uplink is on echolink ZR6AIC-L

    ------------ INFO ------------

    You have connected to a SvxLink node,

    This system allows you to transmit on Satellite QO-100 (Please disconnect if you dont use the system)

    You can liten to your self on

    You can listen at about 10.489863GHz on SDR for your TX You will nee to contact me to get access to this system.

    QTH: Bassona, Gouteng, South Africa

    QRG: Simplex link on QO-100 MHz

    Trx: Trancever Hackrf and Raspberry Pi

    Antenna: 1.2M Dish

    ------------ INFO ------------

    SvxLink 1.6.1 - ZR6AIC-L (1)

  4. QO-100 Wideband SDR reseption DBV--S2 (I will soon have the video decoding enabled)


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