Author Topic: Using my Raspberry Pi and Baofeng uv-5r as an Echolink or Echolink repeater Link  (Read 8728 times)

Anton Janovsky (ZR6AIC)

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Here is information how to get your Echolink link or Echolink repeater up and running using a Rapberry Pi and Baofeng HT.
Use only low power on Baofeng uv-5r as it could overheat when TX is on two long.

Or you can connect it to Linux Laptop

What hardware do you need.
1) "EASY DIGI" Baufeng UV-5R INTERFACE for laptops, desktops and Raspberry with usb audio. (Easy Digi) Asembled)
2) USB 2.0 To 3d Audio Sound Card Adapter Virtual 5.1 CH.
3)The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
5) Baofeng power eliminator

Software instelation of svxlink
Download from here
I will add the details how to install and configure the svxlink
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