Author Topic: Raspberry Pi 2m Low pass filter for FM SSB WSPR CW ... transmission  (Read 8223 times)

Anton Janovsky (ZR6AIC)

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This board is now complete and is available from Giga Technology.
This repository will have all the files for the PCB that fits on a Raspberry Pi witch will have a 7 stage low pass filter for the VHF 2m band. (About 60db down for first harmonic)

This board is to be used with the rpitx utility to alow you to transmit on the 2m VHF band. This board will have 7 stage lowpass filter. Here is the filter design details. Alt text Filter similator Diagram Alt text The PCB files is Kicad file format. The circuit diagram

Alt text PCB layout diagram during design Alt text

Changed Connectors transistor and regulator Alt text

3D view of Board

This Board is now avalible from Giga Technology
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