Author Topic: Configuring your Zastone D900 for the Amateur DMR network in South Africa.  (Read 10080 times)

Anton Janovsky (ZR6AIC)

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The Zastone D900 is the latest in affordable 70cm DMR transceivers - It's a variant of the TYT MD-380 (aka: Retevis RT3) and gives you access to the new DMR mode as well as conventional analogue FM repeaters.  The radio uses the same firmware/internals as the MD-380/RT3 but has a slightly different case style.  One of the benefits of DMR is the use of TalkGroups and Time-Slots which allow 2 conversations to take place on a single frequency. This means that a repeater can be used for a local (RF) QSO at the same time as supporting a world-wide QSO.
First download the windows programming application from the shared drive
Download the D900.rar
unzip the rar file
Then execute the CPS-DR780 Setup V1.26.exe  application and install the programming application.
Then download the D900 config file from the shared drive.
Here is a link to the DMR Network configuration data so that you can check that you have the correct details.

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