Author Topic: "SMA Spectrum Analyzer 138MHz-4.4GHz" (Cannot be used as a antenna analyzer)  (Read 4116 times)

Anton Janovsky (ZR6AIC)

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"SMA Spectrum Analyzer 138MHz-4.4GHz".
Basically it uses only one ADF5430 chip instead of two and hence cannot be used for antenna tuning (which was the original NWT series purpose), as the signal being output cannot be read back in at the same time (a second ADF5430 chip would be needed).

Although if you use the Noise source that is soled with the device it can still be used to tune antennas and filters.
1) Noise source  >>>>> filter >>>>>>> spectrum analyzer.
2) Monitoring Frequency spectrum signal.
3) Monitoring Harmonics first and second.
4) Deviation and Modulation checking.
5) Signal generator can be used on its own.

The included software (WinNWT) is a freeware made by the original author of the NWT series of devices (NWT500), which is not particularly nice for pure spectrum analysis.

Here is some links to other versions of software.

The software is free