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Dipole Antennas
« on: May 02, 2016, 12:41:53 pm »
Some things to consider when building or baying your Dipole antenna.
  • You mite already now that that no two antenna installations are alike or identical in many ways, even when using identical antennas and the same height above ground.
  • The surroundings, height above ground, the ground conductivity, and many other factors can affect the  antenna resonance frequency. Even the length, diameter of wire used, and type of feed line can be a factor.
  • Using larger conductor diameters for the antenna like aluminium tubing rather than normally #12 wire or #14 AWG wire can have an effect on the calculator which is designed for normal wire use.
  • The old standby formula 468 / freq in mhz = total length is used in the calculator for an average height of 1/2 wave high and horizontal dipole..and then 5 % is subtracted from that number to get the inverted V lengths. These formulas are used to get you close to the desired lengths......but they will result in ONLY the ball park lengths and not an exact length when you take into consideration all of the factors involved with the environment of the antenna.

Here is a link to a Dipole calculator.